Water-based method to improve your child's physical and mental development

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Baby Facts

Hydrotherapy (water healing) has been recognized as beneficial since the dawn of civilization.

Water neutralizes the effects of gravity enabling your child to move with less effort.

Water therapy will improve lung capacity and strengthens extremities (arms/hands/fingers and legs/feet/toes).

Hydrotherapy studies document beneficial effects such as enhanced physical/mental development, increased weight gain and should be considered as an adjunct to traditional treatment strategies.


Any baby born before 37 weeks is at risk for “developmental delays.”

Twin or multi-birth babies are often born early and have lower birth weight, making them high risk.

Low birth weight (LBW or ELBW) is another risk factor for developmental delay.

Babies born between 32-37 weeks (the “barely” premature) have the highest incidence of learning disabilities once they start school.

Babies born between 23-28 weeks are at the highest risk for lifelong disabilities, such as cerebal palsy.

Birth trauma, birth injury, or any complication at birth increases the risk of neuromotor problems, such as seizures or ‘hypotonia’ (reduced muscle tone).

85% of brain development occurs during the first 3yrs of life – this provides an opportunity for water therapy to enhance a baby’s physical and mental development.



courtesy of Victoria School, Dorset, England, UK