Water-based method to improve your child's physical and mental development


“He loves the water … and I can tell it has made him stronger.”June's1sttherapytub3-2007

— Grandmother of baby who survived a life-threatening infection at birth

Santa Fe, TX


June's1sttherapytub3-2007“I feel like this is the only positive thing I get to do for her each day.”

— Mother of baby with a seizure disorder

Portland, OR


“At first, he was not moving much, but soon he was swimming around and pushing off the sides of the tub with his feet!”

— Father whose baby suffered a delivery-related brain injury

Austin, TX


Emily’s reaction to the waterway babies pool was fantastic.  She had never been fully submersed in water, since the womb.  I believe it comforted her and allowed her to relax.  We did use the pool for exercise as well.  Although Emily was limited in how much movement she could produce by herself, due to hypotonia, she would move some in the waterwaybabies pool.  Emily had many medical problems to include blindness.  Initially she was unsure of what we were doing.  She cried only one time and ever since then she has never cried again.  She would begin to fall asleep in her pool.  I believe the waterwaybabies pool was good for her hypotonia as well as her visual deficits (she was able to experience full submersion and how her body was in space).  Thank you so much for this awesome pool!

— Jennifer , medical social worker & Emily’s mom

Fort Walton Beach, FL


I am a physical therapist at the Mayo Clinic and I work with outpatient pediatric patients.  I have recently learned about your WaterWay Babies item and truly love the idea.  I have already suggested this to several parents in the past week. I think that we have several patients that this would be greatly beneficial for!

What a wonderful tool for them to be using in the home to supplement therapy!!

— Leslie, PT

Rochester, MN


Patrick just loves to lie back and totally relaxes in the water when he’s wearing the ring which is lovely to see.  We use the ring a lot in the bath so he can just have a float and chill out, it actually works well in the bath and helps him sit up a bit as it stops his head from flopping forward which is always a battle out of the water.

— Kind regards, Gemma



Ruby loves the water and the neck ring gives her more freedom in the water than before. She kicks her legs like crazy during her bath and this is great excersize for her; usually her low tone stops her from moving a lot. We love the neck ring!! Thanks!

Kelli, Ruby’s mom


Layne is doing ok! He is getting stronger!! I am glad you can use his video to show others, very cool!

-Kirstin, mom of Layne



Both of us are doing it for Tala , she is very nervous and crying much during physiotherapy sessions but in the pool she is very excited and started to ask for it (WaterWayBabies pool time).

-Hasan, father



Suzy is doing well.
She continues to make small improvements every month.
We had put away the tub this fall, but upon seeing your email, we brought it back out.
I was THRILLED, and SO EXCITED to see her in it.
She was so much more active than when she was in it before.
(It had been about 4 months since she was in it last).
This time, I just couldn’t believe it.!!!!
She was grabbing on to the side a little bit,
And when i called her name, she was able to spin herself around to find me!!!!!!!!
She was laughing, and turning around.
What a joy for me to see.
I will pass on the neck ring info to anyone who will need it.

We love the whole therapy system!!

Whitney, Suzy’s mom
Virginia, US


I love it – the neck ring has been wonderful for our son – we began to use it when he was around 4 months old and have now bought a new one since he has grown bigger – It has made bath time easier – he is able to be in the bath tub along with big brother and they are on the same level.

He is able to move his arms and legs around so easily – I use the pool sometimes, mostly on weekends — it  does take a ton of water — but it is nice because the tub allows your child to be in a vertical position and is able to then move his legs more freely.

I can not say enough positive things about the device – it has been of great use to our son – since he is unable to sit up in the tub – and often he falls asleep while in the tub – because it is very relaxing just to float.

Randi, Brextin’s mom



Today was Malia’s sixth day of swimming. The first day was a little strange for her she only lasted about 10 minutes. The second day a little longer. By the fourth day we were up to 30 minutes and today we went for 45!!! She absolutely loves it! Today she figured out that she can move forwards and backwards all by herself! She swims on her tummy and then her back! She twirls around. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and she is free! All by herself, with no one holding her. I cant even imagine how wonderful it must feel to her. It makes me proud.

Rachel, Malia’s mom

Costa Rica



Aidan, our oldest, loves the pool. He can stay in there for at least 30 mins. Sometimes he just floats and relaxes and sleeps. Other times he twirls around and smiles and gets all excited.

Our littlest Ty is more of a tough sell haha. He has very little patience for anything that doesn’t include a bottle or his mama (me!). He can usually last in the pool for about 15 mins. And when he is done, he is DONE! Ty seems to be able to ‘swim’ more. He actually finds a way to propel himself around the pool.

When both boys are in the pool together is is so cute. I think Ty gets mad because Aidan kicks him under the water. But it is nice when they can reach out and their arms touch! Their rings just kind of bounce back and forth off of each other when they are in their together, so I like to give them each individual time and in between I put them in together.

We LOVE that the rings can go with us anywhere – to a hotel (we travel a lot for doctor appointments) and their grandparents have a whirlpool. We have had Aidan go into the whirlpool (turned down to bathtub temp), but without a ring. Over Easter weekend we are bringing the rings with us so they can float around in the whirlpool and feel the bubbles. It will be nice to go into the whirlpool with them while they swim around.

-Stephanie, mom of two boys with micro

Tellinghuisen boys folder


The first time my husband saw the ring he was soooo worried, but once her saw her in the water with it he fell in love. This was our first therapy in home and we still swear by it. I watched my daughter move in the water immediately better than she ever had! I then gave the website to Isabella’s pt and she passes it out to new parents 🙂 best piece of equipment for in home therapy I have ever used!
–Megan Maxwell, mom of Isabella (PT)


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